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Plants vs. Zombies All plants

Plants vs. Zombies All plants

Plants vs. Zombies All plants Part 1

Peas Cannon: peashooters are the first line of defense. They shoot peas at attacking zombies. How can a single plant can be so many peas grow so fast? Peashooters respond following it: "Hard work, dedication and a healthy breakfast full of sunlight and high-fiber carbon dioxide make it possible."

Cherry Bomb: cherry bombs can do all the zombies in an area. They have a short fuse, so she Place near the zombies. "I want to explode," Cherry says number 1. "No, let us instead detonate," said his brother, cherry number 2. After an intense confrontation Decide to explotonieren.

Wall-Nut: Wall-nuts have hard shells that can be used to protect its other plants. "People wonder how I feel about to be constantly eaten by zombies," says Wall-nut. "What they do not realize is that I feel with my limited senses only a tickle, like a relaxing back massage"

All about Plants vs. Zombies All plants

Potato Mine: potato mines have a very nice oomph on it, but sje take a while to arm themselves. They should be placed directly in front of the zombies. They explode on contact. Some people say that the potato Mine is lazy and can do anything until the last minute. Potato Mine says nothing. He's too busy thinking about his investment strategies.

Plants vs. Zombies All plants Part 2

Hagelzucker Pea: pearl sugar peas use up frozen peas that damage the enemy and make him slower. People tell the pearl sugar pea often as it is "cool", or tell him to "chill out". You Sagem him to "frosty" stay. The pearl sugar pea rolls only with the eyes. She knows these sayings.

Mushroom puff: puff mushrooms are low, but can only fire over a short distance. "I have realized recently that there are zombies," says the puff mushroom. "Like many fungi, I just assumed that they exist only in fairy tales and horror movies. This whole experience has me really an eye-opener "

Sun Mushroom: Sun mushrooms give initially a small amount of sun and later a normal amount. Sun mushrooms hate sun. You hate them so much that if they collect the sun in your system, you spit it out as soon as possible. You assign the sun simply not.

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